We are committed to sustainable growth, leading the future of health IT.

At CTIS, we pride ourselves on innovation. For more than two decades, we have harnessed the tools of technology to improve the efficacy of patient treatment. Our company has long-standing partnerships with government institutions, such as the National Institutes of Health. Using the latest achievements in information technology, we also provide data solutions for health systems and academic medical institutions. Our goal is to advance efficiency in clinical research—to make it easier to bring new healthcare products to the market and provide better patient outcomes.

We provide revolutionary tools for healthcare providers and researchers. Our health IT solutions manage more than 3.5 million patients at 11,000 different sites. We have also partnered with organizations around the world in an effort to reduce disparities in healthcare.

As CTIS continues to grow, we look forward to an ongoing partnership with NIH, and new opportunities in the fields of software development, policy research, and big data.

Looking toward our third decade of serving the health IT industry, we recognize that all of our pursuits have one goal in mind: better health.


Raj Shah
Chairman and CEO