By determining community inequalities, or social determinates of health (SDH) and identifying inefficient policy pieces, the Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) pilot program in Prince George’s County, Maryland can then document SDH improvement through efficient, new policy pieces. Overall, our approach is bottom-up with participation at the individual, cohort, and community level. Technology, communication and information and process development will be overly utilized to streamline community outreach and provide the platform for the HPRC initiative.

  • By challenging researchers to listen to; learn from; solicit and respect the contributions of; and share power, information, and credit for accomplishments with community providers.
  • By incorporating community priorities, insights, and assets, emphasizing rigor and community feasibility, acceptability, context, cultural favors, and local knowledge.
  • By mobilizing affected patients in these communities to advocate for what they need, thus embedding them into the community whole and encouraging additional investment and involvement in policies and practices that concern them and their families.
  • By using technology to provide informational messages (via SMS), alerts, and health management apps (for smartphones).