Serving the interests of patients and providers

For more than 25 years, CTIS has provided informatics solutions for clinical trials and research. We empower patients and providers with technology-based healthcare solutions. Through the use of IT, we help organizations produce efficient and effective outcomes. Our business is the capture, storage, and use of information in health and biomedical science. We offer a patient-driven approach to informatics — improving privacy, security, and safety.

Within the healthcare industry, CTIS offers unique advantages:

  • A boutique firm of IT experts
  • In-depth knowledge about medical and healthcare systems
  • Custom-tailored IT solutions
  • Collaboration with the government’s leading research institutions
  • Decades of experience managing data from clinical trials
  • A visionary culture of innovation in patient care and public health

Our goal is to use medical and clinical information to provide the best patient outcomes. We integrate the tools of IT for more efficient, protected access to information from clinical trials and research. To mitigate the high cost of healthcare, our firm is committed to integrative solutions for chronic diseases, health disparities, and aging populations.

CTIS works with cutting-edge research institutions. We provide technological support for the development of Investigational New Drugs (INDs). Our clinical trial research management solutions aid in clinical research and increase productivity. We offer ways to decrease the time required to submit regulatory information, upload clinical data, and report adverse events. Researchers are also able to use our management tools to manage more study sites, reporting information from an ever-increasing number of patients. Additionally, we provide our clients with a robust collection of technology services. We believe in the future of streamlined information sharing and comprehensive health systems.