Health Policy Science

August 2015 – What Difference Does Effective Policy Make?: Comparing health outcomes to situations with and without public policy

Health Care Policy

March 2015 – Health Equity and the ACA: The Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare Access

July 2015 – 50 Years Later: Medicare’s Pathway to Racial Integration

July 2015 – 50 Years Later (Part 2/2): Medicaid – Still Going Strong

December 2015 – Changing the Game:
How Medicare and Medicaid Re-invented America’s Safety Net for Communities of Color

October 2015 – Inroads to Health Equity: The Effect of PCMH on Quality, Costs, And Health Disparities

Population Health

November 2015 – Inequities in Maternal and Child Heatlh: An Analysis of Policy, Practice, and Social Determinants over the Life-course