There are four critical cores of operation that support the TCC in providing maximum focus and follow-through of effort:

Health Science and Policy Research

  • Promoting effective and sustainable public policy that can improve the health status of the people in our region (educate and empower communities via publications and presentations)

Health, Human and Municipal Services

  • Plan, organize and coordinate health disparities policy research pertaining to the healthcare system and municipal services, and actively engage relevant stakeholders (local government, health improvement coalitions, etc.)

Education, Training and Analysis

  • To establish educational partnerships, promote healthy lifestyles, design and disseminate educational materials to minority populations regarding health policy and health outcomes.

Communications Outreach and Mobile Solutions

  • Use traditional, non-traditional, and social media sources to engage the community and provide health education and outreach. Employ the use of mobile technology to heighten policy awareness and improve access to quality health care.